Good deeds. Correctly and efficiently done.

Foundation and non-profit organisations (NPOs) play a leading role for the general public and for this reason there are a number of special tax and legal regulations and specific provisions that need to be observed. In our focus on “Foundations”, we bundle this specialised knowledge and experience in particular in the tax law pertaining to foundations and associations.

We assist foundations and NPOs in adjusting to the increasing changes in the framework conditions, in particular those of recent years. The decline in state support, increasing competition from profit-oriented companies and demographic change, as well as the increased vigilance of the financial authorities regarding community work, heightens the need to increase efficiency, tax optimisations as well as strategic concepts on areas of activity.

We can advise you comprehensively in setting up and organising your foundation. If necessary, we can competently and reliably undertake your financial and payroll accounting, as well as prepare your annual financial statements and tax returns.