Tax Strategies

The development of strategies to optimise the tax burden is one of the particularly positive challenges of tax consulting. It not only requires experience and knowledge outside the field of taxation, but also a healthy element of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. The strengths of the multi-disciplinary consultancy approach showcase their advantages here in particular.

Whereas general tax consulting is bound to a prescribed set of framework conditions, structured tax consulting offers the opportunity to optimise these framework conditions by making changes. Using your goals, and in line with your company profile, we analyse the options under tax law and develop strategies to optimise the tax burden in the long term.

Our service offering includes, amongst others:

  • Consulting on the taxation aspects in expansions
  • Restructurings or changes in legal form as well as the tax structuring of successor arrangements
  • Tax consulting and assistance with investments domestically and abroad
  • Choosing the right legal form and determining the place of your business activities.