General Tax Consulting

Reliable general tax consulting is a pre-requisite for a trusting client relationship and thus requires the greatest of care.

The basis for successful tax consulting is complete and reliable information. For this reason, the careful preparation of annual and consolidated financial statements and tax returns are of major significance to us. Disadvantages in the taxation process can be avoided and risks under criminal law excluded only once all the relevant information is available.

There will always be challenging tax issues that need timely and reliable answers and solutions in the day-to-day entrepreneurial business as well as personal planning. Our challenge is to not only create fundamentally permissible solutions, but also solutions that meet the needs of our clients. The cornerstone for this, in addition to tax competence, is intensive, and not just superficial or ad-hoc, client familiarisation.

Each client is assisted by one, unchanging employee who is available as that client’s personal contact person. It goes without saying that our partners are included in the general consulting of our clients. Combined with a high level of continuity of our specialist employees, we gain familiarity with the needs of our clients enabling a particularly efficient tax consultancy service.

General tax consulting primarily comprises the following:

  • Preparation of annual and consolidated annual financial statements
  • Preparation of tax returns for income tax, trade tax, VAT, corporate tax, estate tax and gift tax
  • Review of tax notices.